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We are a family of three; myself, my wife and our 3 year old daughter and we would love to see our au pair as another member of this family. My wife and I both work Monday - Friday, my wife also works some weekends. We are looking for a caring person who can drive our daughter to day care in the morning (8-9am) and pick her up at the end of the day (5-5:50) while also helping to care for her other basic needs (such as bathing, and preparing meals.) Our daughter is a very happy child who loves playing, reading and drawing.

In free time, we would encourage our au pair to pursue educational and other activities to give a wide range of experiences while here in the United States. We live in Princeton, New Jersey, a university town full of very nice shops, bars and restaurants. There are also many cultural and educational opportunities available. We are also less than 5 minutes away from a major train station, with regular trains to New York and Philadelphia and we are in walking distance from public transportation (buses) and from a shopping mall. Our neighbourhood has a private swimming pool, private tennis courts, and a very nice biking and jogging trail. In addition we have three cars and plan to let our au pair drive one of them.

Princeton, New Jersey.



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